The KE6920 is a high performance IP-based extender...

  • Brand: ATEN


The KE6920 is a high performance IP-based extender consisting of a transmitter (KE6920T) and a receiver (KE6920R). The transmitter connects to a computer to deliver the computer’s data to the receiver to collectively provide console access from a remote or separate location. The KE6920 allows extended access of computer systems remotely via USB consoles (USB keyboard, USB mouse, DVI monitor) over intranet, enabling users to place the computer system in secure and temperature controlled environments, which maybe isolated from users’ workstation.

The KE6920 supports one DVI display at each end, providing video resolutions up to 2560 x 2048 @ 50Hz and flawless and lossless video compression quality with extremely low latency. The KE6920 supports network connections via the RJ-45 port or the two SFP slots. The transmitter and receiver can be connected either directly to each other, or via a high-speed network over a copper-based or fiber-based LAN. By connecting via the SFP slots with 1Gbps SFP fiber module* expansions on fiber optic network, you can extend transmission distances up to 10km. The KE6920 also features dual power supplies for redundancy to ensure dependable services.

The KE6920 can be set on a desk, mounted on a wall or at the rear of a rack with its space saving 0U rack-mount design. As an IP-based matrix extender, the KE6920 can be used as a point-to-point / point-to-multipoint / multipoint-to-point extender, or integrated into a KVM over IP Matrix System (multipoint-to-multipoint) when combined with the KE Matrix Management Software (CCKM), providing more flexible applications in different working environments.

When integrated with the KE Matrix Management Software, the KE6920 supports more advanced features such as authentication lock, adaptive fast switching, connection redundancy, disconnection alert, boundless switching, “Push” and “Pull”, video wall and multi-display setups, and profile scheduling that provide uninterrupted access with quick and easy control tools to use the KE6920 over a network. More functions include auto detection of all KE Series extenders** in the same subnet for fast installation or configuration, username / password authentication and authorization, and the ability to define different types of connections that can be switched and shared. Security features AES encryption support for secured data transmissions, and RADIUS, LDAP, AD or remote user authentication methods provide an added layer of connection security. Moreover, with an OSD, RS-232 support, and Auto MDIX, the KE6920 is the most cost-effective and convenient way to get a full digital extension from anywhere on the intranet.

Whether you’re monitoring, operating, controlling or extending computer access, the KVM over IP Matrix System is made adaptable, to fit an endless variety of working environments and workstation settings, and provide solutions in traffic management centers, retail surveillance centers, facility situation rooms, command control centers, utilities process control centers, broadcasting distribution monitoring systems, network operations centers (NOC), and many other industries where matrix extension is required.

*The SFP module (2A-136G / 2A-137G) is sold separately. Contact your ATEN dealer for product information.